Finn Hesselager

Nr .Snede 16.03.2012

To whom it may concern.

I have been in professional contact with Peter Tommila on two occasions, after both of which he has written a detailed report, that I have had the great pleasure of reading afterwards.
One was in November 2010 when I had a 3-week mask session with 8 second year students in Odense Theater School (SMKS). He followed it sitting quietly in the background taken notes, and when possible asking questions about the ideas and thoughts that were behind the different ways of working with the masks and the students. After the final presentation of the work we had done, he interviewed the students, and afterwards we had a long talk based on his observations and his own thoughts about the work.

When I read the report I was impressed by the accuracy and details of his observations, both regarding the method he saw me use working with masks and the way each student was working and struggling in the process. I found that he was a good observer, curious and intelligent, and I can say that his report is a fine, elaborate and loyal introduction with personal reflections to the work and my method and beliefs.

The next encounter was in October 2011, where Peter worked with a small group of his own for 3 days in my studio in Nr. Snede. I attended on and off on the sideline, and I took part in several talks with the group and with Peter and me alone. I found that the work they did in long hours was passionate all the way, with Peter keenly encouraging, watching and shifting between pushing and patiently letting the processes evolve, and I was impressed by the endurance and intelligence of the three girls on the floor following the instructions and basic ideas, exploring them and later giving personal and constructive feed-back with Peter asking questions and taking notes. He wants to know what is going on.

As far as I have observed Peters work it is based on broad knowledge, experience, artistic ambition and a humble search for a true and profound way of working with people, that is both therapeutic and creative. I am sure that his vision and method for a Creative Drive, as he calls it, will develop into a useful tool in his hands. He is a good listener and his report shows, that he is able to write a thoughtful and very precise rendering of the work and the discussions that took place.

I wish him all the best.

Kind regards, Finn Hesselager