Within – or through – a person, a deep river of expression is running it´s course.

In some, the river is suppressed and dried up, in others it shows as ever-present and immediate energy. In many, the run of this river is a struggle in confusion – in some, it is a solid gesture, empty or full. This all in shifting versions of the present, which is never and always the same.

The issue is holistic, is ontology, is chemical and spatial relations of the physical organism.

The issue holds it´s parts together as one – to perceive it separated, is to use a simpler mind-frame, than the mind-frame used when regarding it as a whole. Regardless of mind-frame, it comes across as something subjective, seemingly relative. Hence, it is for all to look for or dance with, freely.

The deep river of expression must have it´s course in full liberation.

The question is not why, but how.