To whom it may concern

Inga Gerner Nielsen, Iwona Rejmus and Peter Tommila, three members of the performance group Club de Ia Faye, gave a workshop at our school during 5 days in November 2012. The participants were students from both the “Performance” and “Arts” lines of education. The teaching was well structured, intense and deep. It involved theoretical and practical demonstrations of Club de Ia Faye’s methods, as well as specially prepared physical exercises and social activities for the students. The teaching was performed in English. At the end of the workshop, the students created and performed a site-specific, interactive, fictionbased art piece, applying personal approaches to the tools they had been given by their teachers. The theme of the performance was a mythology of Darkness and Light. It was a pleasure to observe how interested and motivated my students were under the inspiring guidance of these three teachers. I highly recommend Club de Ia Faye’s “Teaching Unit” to schools and academies with the focus on Performance Art. Your students will be in the best hands.

Annika Kronqvist, Svefi Leader for Performance and Art courses
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