Theaterforeningen SIGNA

Copenhagen, April 26th 2009

To whom it may concern.

I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation for Peter Tommila. Peter Tommila participated in the large scale performance project Seven Tales of Misery at Plex – Copenhagen Music Theatre which took place in September 2006.

Peter Tommila for half a year involved himself in many different areas of the project. The set design covered no less than 43 rooms. Peter Tommila participated in painting and building as well as physically demanding tasks such as carrying and moving. Furthermore he was involved in the public relations and in the post production, sorting and packing down set design and props. Finally Peter Tommila performed as an actor every night of the 3 week playing period. Peter Tommila also participated in the performance project The 11th Knife at KUA as part of the Interregnum/PSi no.14, in August 2008. This performance took place non-stop from August 20, at 15:00, to August 23 at midnight. Peter Tommila helped building the outdoor-installation, on the University grounds. He then performed admirably as actor through the entire period of 81 hours. In my opinion Peter Tommila is a hardworking, kind and reliable person. He is much liked by his colleges and his cheerful and energetic attitude contribute to the overall working atmosphere in a very positive way.

In regards to the development of his characters, Peter Tommila has a very professional approach, he is thorough and precise and plays his part with great conviction. Therefore I would like to give Peter Tommila my very best recommendations.

Signa Sørensen, artistic director.

Theaterforeningen SIGNA,,,